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Master class: Generative AI and the ‘Language of Law’

Dear students, postgraduates and professors! We are pleased to invite you to the master class Generative AI and the ‘Language of Law’ with Dr. Paresh Kathrani (UK), organized by the Mykolas Romeris University School of Law, that will deal with contemporary issues of law and technologies.

Everyday, clients provide facts to their lawyers. Lawyers bring this data together through different language models and systems in order to further their clients’ best interests. This relationship is based on both trust and wisdom and this is reflected in professional codes of conduct, which require lawyers to protect clients’ data. However, these systems are being transformed. Generative AI and large language models, such as ChatGPT, work to large data sets and arguably provide an efficient means to help clients. However, they also raise important legal and ethical questions. The former include questions around data privacy and copyright. The latter raises issues for the role of lawyers and programmers. The general question in both cases is what does this mean for the language and system of law and the actors within in, especially given that law rests on factors like efficiency and cost. This talk will look at the trajectory of AI in law.

Master class: Generative AI and the ‘Language of Law’ with Dr. Paresh Kathrani (UK), 21 March at 6.00 p.m. EET.

Dr. Paresh Kathrani is an independent strategy consultant based in London, UK, working primarily in digital transformation. His research focuses on LawTech and the Law of Technology. He has written in these fields, including as a co-contributor on a submission to Parliament. He has convened several panels and worked on an EU funded project with a start-up in looking at how artificial intelligence and natural language processing can be used to triage law case. He was part of a group that looked at using virtual reality for legal education. He has convened events on digital assets, including the regulation of digital money. He holds a Doctorate in Law from London.

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