uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника
uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника

The Humanitarian Aid Headquarters of the University

The war days countdown in Ukraine has already reached fifty, although in February the world did not believe that we would last for at least a week. The invader probably thought that our state would not withstand such a number of blows, but it was deeply mistaken, because our motherland resists its bloody crimes not alone, but has tens of millions of helpers. Every Ukrainian is now a president, a soldier, a rescuer and a volunteer.

The Humanitarian Aid Headquarters of the University under the leadership of the Rector Anatolii Getman continues its activities to provide assistance to social institutions for maternity and childhood protection.

Recently, for the second time, representatives of our University, active volunteers Yurii Barabash, Oleksii Nesterovych and Volodymyr Shekhovtsov visited the Kharkiv Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity “Istok”, which is now a shelter for 50 adults and children left homeless and are in need of daily assistance. They handed out food, detergents, sweets and toys to the children.

It is especially nice that not only the staff and students of the University, but also our graduates, have become strong supporters for the people during the war. We are always proud of them as specialists, but now we especially appreciate their sensitivity and humanity. We would like to thank Denys Hiriak, Oleksandr Posvystak and Myroslav Hnidyk, who, at their own expense and with the help of charitable organizations, purchased the necessary medicines for the Kharkiv Maternity Hospital no 3. The humanitarian headquarters added detergents and hygiene products for mothers and children, and volunteers delivered the aid. All this became possible due to coordination and support of Asst. Prof. Iryna Lipko.

We often receive mail, calls, get comments under publications with requests for help. Young mothers from the village of Vvedenka, Chuhuiv district, who are in a difficult situation, applied to the Humanitarian Headquarters. This situation, of course, found a response and was resolved immediately. The families were given baby food, hygiene products, clothes and various necessary household items. Children may not understand everything, but they feel and need more of our attention, care and security than in peacetime. Thus, the geography of good deeds of the university volunteers becomes wider.

Peace must be won! Ukrainians are contributing to this cause right now, because each of us is a small heroic story of one great inviolable nation. Joining efforts of the whole country, we will not allow the enemy to break our spirit, subdue our will or take away our freedom, because Ukraine is its people!