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Institute of the Security Service of Ukraine

The Institute of the Security Service of Ukraine of  Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

The Institute of the Security Service of Ukraine of Ukraine of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University is a unique educational and scientific institution that integrates approaches of the leading law school of Ukraine, standards of the NATO professional military training system and the specialized training for officers of the special service. The key to the high quality of the educational process is the combination of the best traditions of classical legal education with the actual practical experience of lecturers, scientists and developed material base as well.

Besides studying classical and practical legal subjects, cadets of the Institute are passing special trainings in the following areas:

  • pre-trial investigation in the investigative bodies of the SSU;
  • basics of state security, counterintelligence and operative activity;
  • legal support of service activities;
  • informational security and cybersecurity;
  • special tactical and operative training.

The cadets of the Institute receive an education at the directions 081 “Law” (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree) and 262 “Law enforcement activities” (master’s degree) in the best law university of the country and gets in-depth specialized professional trainings, which creates a reliable basis for a successful career in the special service.

The credo of the Institute “Scientia est victoria arma” (“Knowledge is the weapon of victory”) determines the aspirations and consistent movement of the collective, aimed on the dynamic development and improvement. Training of cadets is aimed on getting practical and theoretical skills for solving the urgent needs of operative and service activities of the SSU, as well as on development of their personal, moral and psychological condition. In frames of the Institute development, the internal system of cadet trainings is constantly improving, cooperation with other scientific and educational institutions, practical units of the Security Service of Ukraine is expanding, as well as work on the improvement of the qualification of the Institute’s employees.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute take part in the preparation of law drafts and legal acts of the SSU, provides advisory assistance to investigative and operative units, produces scientific products aimed at solving problems and tasks of operative and service activities of the SSU.

Advantages of studying at the Institute:

  • 100% employment;
  • state-guaranteed social provision;
  • officer rank after graduation;
  • decent financial provision;
  • education at the expense of the state budget, as well as accommodation in a comfortable dormitory, medical and material support;
  • powerful sports infrastructure;
  • friendly and cohesive team;
  • professionally orientated trainings with the involvement of experienced officers of practical units, regular practical training in units and subdivisions of the Security Service of Ukraine;
  • effective system of formation of leadership qualities, harmonious and comprehensively developed personality;
  • active cooperation with international partners.

Appliсations for admission to the Institute are accepted, as a rule, in January (regardless of whether the applicant has at that time documents on obtaining the relevant education). Detailed information about the rules of admission to the Institute is published in our social networks.

The Institute of the Security Service of Ukraine