uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника
uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника

Children are our future and the future of the independent Ukraine!

“We did not give birth to children for the war” – this phrase flew around the Internet and was enshrined in the headlines of hundreds of world media. Every family with children is the most vulnerable and the strongest at the same time. The kids, scared of explosions and shootings, are defenceless against the bloodied fangs of the enemy. But the father stays at the front for his baby, and destroys the enemy five times as hard. A mother will stop the tank for her sons and daughters with her hands.

But there are the trials of war that we must overcome together, not leave them in the exhausted hands of our parents. Hospitals, maternity hospitals, perinatal centres became one of the targets of the occupiers. In the burned cities, they suffer from a lack of daily necessities for doctors and babies.

We, the University community, do not stay away. With the coordination support of Maksym Viunyk, representatives of the humanitarian aid staff and the university administration Yurii Barabash, Oleksii Nesterovych, Volodymyr Shekhovtsov and Yevhenii Karmannyi handed over antiseptics, disinfectants, detergents, hygiene products for doctors and children, baby food and other things to the Kharkiv City Perinatal Centre. This is the third time that University volunteers provide assistance to the perinatal centre.

We believe that all the children will grow up in a peaceful, free, independent, democratic, prosperous Ukraine. And, perhaps, in the near future we will meet with some of them in the lecture halls of our University.

We thank our friends and partners for support:

IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility,

Law Company Becker Büttner Held (BBH),

Hanna Zhabska, José Fadda, Iryna Isakova, Borys Lomako and his team.