uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника
uken0 800 311 777 - Служба підтримки вступника
April 19, 2022


Children are our future and the future of the independent Ukraine!

“We did not give birth to children for the war” – this phrase flew around the Internet and was enshrined in the headlines of hundreds of world media. Every family with children is the most vulnerable and the strongest at the same time. The kids, scared of explosions and shootings, are defenceless against the bloodied fangs of the enemy. But the father stays at the front for his baby, and...

There are no days off during the war

The management, emergency response staff and volunteers of the University provide food kits and medicines to employees and their families. The University is also trying to support employees who have worked at the University for many years and are retired now. We do not divide Kharkiv people. Humanitarian cargo is delivered daily from Poltava to Kharkiv, which is transferred to various volunteer organizations in Kharkiv to provide food, clothing and...