Academic premises and hostels


The main academic premise is of 22,000.00 square meters, located in Kharkiv on Pushkinska street, 77; architect O.M.Beketov built it in 1893. There are 26 departments, 8 lecture halls, sports premises and halls, 2 computer rooms, and library with reading rooms, equipped with computer networks, 2 halls of the Academic Council and the administrative units of the University.

Criminalistics Department building is of 3,000.00 square meters, located on Pushkinska street, 84; it has 3 lecture halls, 4 photo-laboratories, 2 computer labs, Internet-studio video center, museum and forensic testing ground,

These educational buildings are architectural monuments.


The educational building located on Pushkinska street, 79/2 (2,700.00 square meters) has 5 lecture halls, classrooms, computer lab.


Modern sports complex of 7,200.00 square meters at Pushkinska street, 104  for leisure activities and to conduct classes of physical training for students was built in 1996. The complex has gyms, aerobics hall, volleyball competitions hall, swimming pool, saunas, and stadium.


Academic building of 11,700.00 square meters at Pushkinska street, 106 with assembly hall for 540 seats, conference halls, 8 lecture halls, 2 reading rooms, classrooms, a winter garden was built In 2000.


16-storied educational building of 17,800.00 square meters at Dynamivska street 4, that includes six lecture halls, 10 language laboratories, sports halls was renovated In 1997.

Total area of Poltava Law Institute premise is 13,917.00 square meters. There are six lecture halls, classrooms, lab for distance education, two conference rooms, two computer labs, a library, museum of criminology, 9-storied hostel of 5,607.00 square meters adjacent to main building, etc.

Currently University has premises with total area 246,611.07 square meters: 18 premises for educarion of 111,820.57 square meters including sports and cultural centers; 16 hostels of 113,684.00 square meters for 6861 persons; administrative buildings of 10,793.00 square meters; medical and food catering premises of 10,313.10 square meters.

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