The material resources of the University consist of detached academic buildings, hostels, sports and health centers, administrative buildings located in the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv and Poltava. Total area of the premises is 269 507,10  square meters.

Today, on the balance of the University there are 18 educational buildings, 20 student hostels, and administrative premises.

Educational buildings have lecture halls, assembly halls, reading rooms, language laboratories, computer labs, meeting rooms etc.

The University has a well-developed social infrastructure for students’ living premises. These premises are of increased comfort. Each student hostel has computer classes, connected with a server of University library and the Center of Information Technologies, and also has sports halls and gyms. Perfect conditions for learning, recreation and leisure of students have been created.

In 2011 student hotel was put into operation, built in the framework of the State program Euro 2012. The hotel has all conditions for students to live and study with comfort. The hotel has laundry facilities, gyms, beauty salon etc.

In September 2012 a new educational building and hostel of Poltava Law Institute of the University was opened. This complex is a unique building that includes five best buildings of the Eastern region. Different-level buildings of educational premises and hostel are united in one structure. In the premises of the educational building there are six lecture halls, classrooms, an auditorium for distance education, two conference rooms, two computer labs, a library with book storage and a reading hall, museum of criminalistics etc. A 9-storied building of a hostel is an adjacent unit to the educational building. On each floor of the hostel there are residential blocks comprising entrance hall, living room, toilet, bathroom and kitchen unit. Decoration of rooms is made of high quality modern materials, with living rooms and halls furnished with comfortable modern furniture.

 Medical and health service that includes sanatorium «Birch Grove» (Kharkiv region), Center for Primary Health Care Center «Lawyer» (located in the University) is directed at health care of students and professors.

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