International Law Faculty

Investigative and Prosecutorial Faculty of Kharkiv Law Institute, majoring in Law in 1989. Ihor S. got his PhD in Law in 1997. Since 2001, he has been an Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law N2.

Deputy Dean – Vitaliy Kovtun

Born on July 15, 1987, in Kharkiv. Vitaliy K. graduated from the Investigation and Criminalistics faculty of the National Law University named after Yaroslav the Wise in major “Law” in 2009. Vitaliy K. gained a PhD in Law in 2013. He has been working as an Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine since 2018. From 2015 to 2009 – was working as professional support lawyer at Yaroslav the Wise National Law University. Since 2019 – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of  Law. The author of 40 scholarly works.

The International Law Faculty (until March 15, 2014 – «Personnel Training Faculty for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine» / №7 /) was founded on December 1 of 1998. The faculty has two majors 081 “Law” and 293 “International Law”, students enrolled both in intramural and extramural form of studies.

More than 1000 students study at the faculty now: 45% of them have major in”Law” and 55% in “International Law”, 36% of students enrolled in government-funded training and 64% of them study on a Contract (paid) basis, 87% of students do intramural form of studies and 13% – extramural.

The curriculum of students enrolled in the major 081 “Law” at International Law faculty differs from other faculty’s curriculum. It includes various courses in international law (history of diplomacy, law of international organizations, diplomatic and consular law, diplomatic protocol, international cooperation of crime prevention, etc.) and foreign language.

Enrollment for the Major 293 “International Law started in 2012, it includes many various disciplines: European Union law; international private law; public international law; comparative law and foreign languages. The integrated approach to learning helps students to get all the required knowledge for successful employment in the future.

Special attention is paid to the student’s scientific work. Many students are involved in different academic activities in international law. Every year, university teaching staff prepares teams for the moot court competitions. Students participate in different moot courts, such as Telders International Law Moot Court Competition (Netherlands) Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, (USA), and The Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court (Germany), The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Also, students are active members of the European Law Student Association (ELSA). In addition, they are involved in inter-university scientific competitions, all-Ukrainian and international conferences. Some students are participants and winners of the Fulbright Scientific Exchange Program (USA).

Student Council, Student Senate, and their executive bodies permanently exist at faculty under Student Council Regulations. Olha Dihtyar was elected as the head of student council in October 2019. Student Council engages students in active social life, conducts educational, scientific and cultural events.

Among honorable guests of our faculty are: ex-Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – B. Tarasyuk, M. Zlenko, and P. Klimkin; former Deputy Minister of Foreign Ministers of Ukraine – O. Chaly and V. Prystayko; former  Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine I. Klimpush-Tsintsadze; former President of the European Court of Human Rights L. Wildhaber; ex-Ambassadors in Foreign Countries of Ukraine – K. Pasquale (USA), G. Litvin (Poland), M. K. Bharti (India), G. Schoerer (Switzerland); Ambassador of the Azerbaijan Republic to Ukraine – A. Khudiyev; Secretary-General of the European Ombudsman Institute -J. Siegele (Austria) and Vice-President N. Karpachov and many other prominent political and cultural figures.

More than 1100 students have graduated from the faculty since 2002, part of them work in the state bodies and consular’s or diplomatic agencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Former students employed in various state bodies, international organizations, and private law firms.

Among famous graduates are A. Zhuk (graduated in 2002) – Judge of the Supreme Court, M. Avdeyevа (2003) –University Alumni Association Board Member, R. Andarak (2003) – vice- president of Ukrainian representative to the European Union (Brussels, Belgium), E. Boichenko (2003) – Attorney at Strasbourg Bar Association (France), O. Karasevich (2003) – Deputy Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France), O. Kravets (2003) – Consul of the General Council in Munich (Germany), O. Plodisty (2003) – Head of the Analysis and Planning Department of the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, O. Voronin (2004) – Head of the Council of Ukraine in Thessaloniki (Greece), V. Ovechkin (2005) – First Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional Administration, D. Kamkov (2006) ) – Interim Consul General of Ukraine in Guangzhou (People’s Republic of China), A. Pushkin (2006) – Head of the Legal Affairs Department of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, O. Zolotareva (2007) Director of the Department of International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, O. Kroutor (2008) – an employee of the IMF Headquarters in Washington (USA),D. Kaleniuk (2009) – Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Center, Y. Zemlytska (2012 issue) – an employee of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London, United Kingdom), V. Jun (2014) – Lawyer of the Secretariat OSCE in Vienna (Austria), A. Kolisnyk (2017) – Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Some students continued their postgraduate studies and got their PhD. So more than 30 professors and candidates of legal science in the university are postgraduates of our faculty

The dean’s office together with student council and alumni of the faculty organized the “Alumni Association of International Law faculty” in 2007. During the annual meeting alumni share their experience with current students, give them advices and tell success stories. Those meetings are popular with students, as there they gain new information about studying abroad and possibilities for future careers.

Secretary of the faculty – Anastasia Shaposhnyk;

Dispatcher of faculty – Oksana Davidenko;

Secretary of the Faculty (0,5) – Tatiana Gubanova.

Contacts: Kharkiv, Dynamovskaya st., 4;

tel. (057) 702-12-01