Poltava Law Institute

Poltava Law Institute was established to ensure the law staff of Poltava and the neighboring regions and is one of the structural units of Yaroslav the Wise National Law University. By the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 332 dated February 28, 2001 and by Academy Rector Order № 43-K dated March 15, 2002 it was organized Poltava Department of National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise and later it was reorganized into Poltava Law Institute of Yaroslav the Wise National Law University.

The Institute trains professionals to state authorities, justice, justice agencies, local governments, law enforcement, other areas of law practice.

Poltava Law Institute trains specialists on full-time and extramural forms of education, direction of training – “Law”, the educational-qualification level – “Bachelor”.