Military Law Institute

Head of the Military Law Institute

Colonel of Justice Sergey Melnyk

Born on July 12 1977 in Khmilnyk  Vinnitsa region.

He graduated from Kiev military Lyceum in Kyiv in 1994, and in 1999 – from Kharkiv Military University with specialization: “Anti-aircraft missile systems and medium-range systems”, in 2009 he graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise, in 2019 he graduated from National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine, Doctor of Law, combatant, Honored Educator of Ukraine.




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Deputy Head of the Military Law Institute, of the moral and psychological support department – the head of the group

Colonel Yuri Shubin

Born on November 29 1972 in Donetsk.

Graduated from Kharkiv Military University (1994), specializing in “Data Transmission Systems and Automated Control Systems”, and the National Academy of Defense of Ukraine (2004), specializing in “Military and Social Management”( Kyiv).



Tel. 704-90-41

Deputy Head of the Military Law Institute of Educational and Scientific Work at the Faculty – the head of education section

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Babaritsky


Born on February 21 1978 in Bogodukhov  Kharkiv region.

In 1998, graduated from Kharkiv Military University with specialization in “Anti-aircraft missile systems and small-scale complexes”, in 2013 graduated from the Kharkiv National Economic University named after Semen Kuznets, the “Civil Service” specialty and received a Master’s Degree in Civil Service. PhD in Economics.

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The Military Law Institute has been beginning preparing military lawyers since 1996 as the Military Law Faculty.

The Military Law Faculty was created by rector’s order on the basis of the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated November 20, 1996 №1105 “On Measures for the Training of Military Justice Personnel and the Organization of Research in the Field of Military Legislation” and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 22, 1998. No. 70 “On the formation of Military Law Faculty at the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise”.

The Military Law Institute the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise has been beginning its activity since September 2019 by way of reorganization on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 22, 2019. No. 439 “On the reorganization of Military Law Faculty at the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise”.

Today, the Institute trains personnel for The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the military prosecutor’s office, The Ukrainian Military Law-Enforcement Service, The State Security Administration, the State Special Transport Service, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Studying at the Institute, cadets learn more than 25 special disciplines: the history of wars and military art (including the history of the Ukrainian army); tactics (including the NATO troops tactics), foreign language (special military language), legal principles of counter-terrorism in Ukraine, prevention of crime in the military sphere, the charters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their practical application; legal work in the Armed Forces of Ukraine; bases of military management (including NATO standard procedures); small arms and fire training; physical education and special physical training; military topography; radiation, chemical and biological protection of units; management of daily activities of divisions (including state secret secrecy); military documentation and clerical work; security of military activities; military pedagogy and psychology; automotive technology (including automotive training), etc.

An important component of the training of highly skilled specialists is their introduction to the international military cooperation. In particular, the Institute has worked for several years with the Institute of International Legal Studies of the US Department of Defense. Since 1999, the delegation of the mobile training group of the Institute has been conducting seminars with students and cadets Institute about the current problems of the US military justice system, legal support for peacekeeping operations, the fight against terrorism, etc. Also, since 2018 the Institute has fruitfully cooperated with International Committee of the Red Cross. The specialized class for conducting classes and various activities in the field of international humanitarian law was opened in the Institute in close collaboration with International Committee of the Red Cross in May 2019.

Since March 2013, the Institute has worked fruitfully with NATO representatives within the framework of the Defense Education Enhancement Program. At present, several officers have been trained in the “Improvement of Military Education” program at the Warsaw National Academy of Defense in Poland.

The Institute prepares officers from among the university students who are willing to obtain additional knowledge and skills in military training under the “reserve officers” program.

The Military Law Institute has a modern and quite powerful educational and teaching staff including: an educational building, administrative-residential building, cadet dining room, gyms, a hostel and barracks.

The Institute actively supports national-patriotic education of young people, major efforts in this area are focused on the education of cadets, students the feelings of love for their country, its people, respect for the military traditions of the Ukrainian army, conscientious performance of military duty. Meetings with graduates of the Institute, with participants of the Anti-terrorist operation, the operations of the Combined forces and the veterans of World War II have became good traditions, excursions of places of military glory to museums, memorials and memorials of Kharkiv are also ongoing. The staff of the Institute is actively involved in volunteer and charitable activities on assistance to residents in the East of Ukraine and children in orphanages.  Much attention is paid to the development of physical education and sports. For training physical culture and sports, all necessary conditions are created. There are gyms and sports fields in educational buildings and hostels, there are constantly working sports clubs in athletics, football, volleyball, basketball, health and sports aerobics, swimming, boxing, table tennis, sambo, judo, powerlifting, arm wrestling, fights, checkers, chess, tourism, sports orienteering. Cadets and students of the Institute have great opportunities for harmonious and comprehensive development of their personality.

Graduates of the Military Law Institute are highly valued for their professionalism in legal services of The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and other military formations.

Contacts: Kharkov, 61023, Dynamivska str., 4.

tel. (057) 704-90-06, (057) 704-90-59  e-mail: