Students’ Union Committee

 The Students’ Trade Union Committee was founded in 1939.

The Trade Union Committee staff consists of 10 members.

Since 2015 the Students’ Trade Union Committee has been headed by Dudchenko Oleksandr Yuriiovych, Candidate of Legal Sciences, associate professor of Department of Structure of Judicial and Law-Enforcement Bodies.

The Students’ Trade Union Committee defends social and economic rights and interests of students at all levels of power provided for by legislation  of Ukraine, renders a pecuniary aid to them, promotes the realization of cultural education among the students and assists in carrying out sports, sanitary and others measures organized by students.

Contacts: tel. +38 (057) 704-92-77; E-mail: prof-stud@nulau.edu.ua

Staff Trade Union Committee

The Trade Union Committee is the body of the primary trade union organization.

Since 1991 V.G. Bilyk has been heading the Trade Union Committee. V.G. Bilyk was the IV TUFU* congress delegate. She was given the award of “Trade Union order” in 2003.

The daily work is carried out by Trade Union commissions:

the organizing and information commission, the economic and social commission, the labour protection commission, the holiday and health-improving commission, the social insurance commission, the control for public catering enterprises commission, the commission for pensioners’ affairs, the youth collaboration commission, the building commission, the cultural and educational activity commission, the sports commission, the children care commission.

 Tel. +38 057 704 11 29, +38 057 704 93 28.

 * TUFU (the Trade Union Federation of Ukraine).