“There is no future for the nation that does not know their history …” V.Ya.Tatsiy

20-08-2013, 14:09

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the release of Kharkiv from fascist invaders Rector V.Ya.Tatsiy, Vice Rector V.V.Komarov, Director of Personnel Training Institute for the Bodies of Justice of Ukraine V.I.Maryniv and Deputy Director of the Institute K.Ye.Solyannik visited museum exhibition in hostel number 2 of University.

While talking with the Director of the exhibition − the commandant of hostel number 2 K.Z.Malyutinym V.Ya.Tatsiy expressed sincere gratitude for the hard work, enthusiasm, perseverance and dedication and gave gift books to museum exposition: “Kharkov 1941−1943” and “Kharkov − city survived in War”.

«There is no future for the nation that does not know their history. This shared memory of valor and courage of our ancestors. Their selfless love to Fatherland is an example for all post-war generations. And our duty to follow them, save and bequeath the truth about the war, facts, heroes, including adequately celebrate anniversaries, major events of our history”, − said Rector.