The Department of Financial Law

The Department of Financial and Law was founded in 2001.

17 people are employed at the department: among them there are 2 Professors, Doctors of Science –M.P. Kucheriavenko, E.O. Alisov; Associate Professors,  Candidates of Science  – I.M. Bondarenko, O.O. Dmytryk, D.A. Kobylnik, O.A. Lukashev, M.O. Perepelytsia, O.O. Radionov,  G.V. Rossikhina, L.V. Tovkun, S.Ye.Fedorov; 6 lecturers, Candidates of Science –  D.O. Bilinskyi, P.M. Duravkin, A.S. Kravchun, A.V. Salenkov, M.S. Sharenko, T.M. Shulga. Laboratory manager is E.B. Pavlenko, laboratory assistant – G.S. Romanova.

Since 1992 the Department has been headed by Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, M.P. Kucheriavenko.

The department personnel teach the following subjects: Financial Law, Tax Law.

Contacts: tel. +38 057 704 93 02, e-mail: