The Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy was founded in 1975.

There are 11 lecturers work at the department, 4 of them are Doctors of Science and Professors  ‑ O.G. Danilian, O.P. Dzioban, Yu.Yu. Kalinovskyi, S.I. Maksymov; 1 Doctor of Philosophy, Professor − Ye.M. Manuilov; 5 Candidates of Science, Assistant Professors − S.B. Zhdanenko, E.A. Kalnitskyi, I.I.  Kovalenko, Yu.V. Melyakova, V.A. Trofymenko; 1 Assistant − Candidate of Science N.I. Satokhina. Laboratory Manager ‑ L.A. Tomarovskaya, Laboratory Assistant − O.N. Aksenova. 

The head of the department − Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, and Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Oleg Gennadievich Danilyan. 

The department carries out teaching of the following academic disciplines: “Philosophyˮ, referred to the normative part, and selective educational disciplines − “Philosophy of Law“, “Philosophical Problems of Legal Education“, “Philosophy of Human Rights“, “Methodology and Methods of Scientific Research Organizing“.

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