The Department of Labour Law

The Labor Law Department was founded in 1969.

Since 2002 the head of the Department is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor V. Zhernakov.

The education is provided by 31 lectures, among them there 3 Doctors of Law, Professors: S. Prilipko, O. Yaroshenko, A. Slyusar; 16 Doctors of Philosophy, associate Professors: P. Bushchenko, I. Vetuhova, V. Yeryomenko, S. Silchenko, F. Cesarsky, A. Yushko, D. Kravtsov, A. Yakovlev, E. Sereda, V. Yurovska, Y. Svechkaryova, G. Yakovleva, N. Shvets, S. Kovzhoga, E. Karmannyi, A. Zenin; 7 Doctors of Philosophy, assistants: I. Zinovatna, T. Krasyuk, V. Radionova-Vodyanitska, E. Konopeltseva, Y. Burnyagina, V. Aveskulov, E. Lutsenko; 3 assistants: A. Solovyov, V. Vennikova,, N. Orlova; 4 PhD Students: A. Zhuravel, A. Tikha, M. Grydin, A. Shramko; the head of the labor Law Department Laboratory is N. Pokloska, senior laboratory assistants: E. Yarygina, N. Vlasenko; laboratory assistant – K. Georgieva.

The department provides the following subjects teaching: Labor Law, Social Ensuring Law, Pensionary Law, Pensionary fund of Ukraine work organization, international Social Standards, Pensionary practical work, Labor disputes, Legal control of  Social support, Obligatory state social insurance, Civil protection in emergencies.

A numerous variety of scientific and training literature have been published by the Labor Law scientists, including tutorials, textbooks, monographs, articles etc.

The lecturers are the permanent participants of International congresses, conferences and seminars all over the world, including online workshops.

 Contacts: tel. +38 057 704 92 15, e-mail: