The Department of International Law

The Department of International Law was created in 1944.

There are 18 lecturers at the department: 1 Professor, Doctor of Legal Sciences M.V. Buromenskyi; 11 associate Professors, Candidates of Legal Sciences – O.V. Tarasov, I.V. Kudas, K.O. Zakomorna, Y.V. Shchokin, O.A. Miroshnichenko, O.A. Goncharenko, V.M. Steshenko, O.I. Tragniuk, A.A. Grinchak, O.V. Senatorova, I.I. Kharitonov; 4 assistants, Candidates of Legal Sciences – O.V. Novikov, T.M. Anakina, T.V. Komarova, O.M. Sivash; 2 assistants lecturers  – S.V. Fomina, A.Karlovych. 4 post-graduate students: O.Vdovychenko, A.Blyzniak, I.Maryniv, T. Kulinicheva. Department laboratory manager is O.G. Simakova, laboratory assistant is O.V. Miakota.

Since 2007 the department has been headed by the Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences ofUkraine, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor N.V. Buromenskyi.

The Department provides teaching of the following subjects (International Law,  State Law of Foreign Countries, Fundamentals of European Union Law) and special courses (The European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms and Legal Practice, History of Diplomacy, Diplomatic and Consular Law, Diplomatic Protocol, International Cooperation in Fighting Crime, International Law in the Period of Armed Conflicts).

Contacts: tel. +38 057 704 92 19, e-mail: