The Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law

The Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law was established in 1966.

Since 2015 until now, the head of the Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law is a Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor B.M. Holovkin.

Nowadays the Department staff consists of:

3 Doctors of Legal Sciences, Professors – B.M. Holovkin, A.K. Stepaniuk, O.Y. Shostko;

7 Candidates of Legal Sciences (PhD), Associate Professors – O.V. Lysodyed, S.Y. Lukashevych, V.P. Obolentsev, V.V. Pyvovarov, M.V. Romanov, O.V. Tavolzhanskyi, O.V. Tkachova;

1 Candidate of Legal Sciences (PhD), Senior researcher – K.A. Avtukhov;

5 Candidates of Legal Sciences (PhD), Assistants O.V. Haltsova, K.D. Kulyk, M.Y. Kutiepov, O.V. Novіkov, N.V. Smetanina.

The post-graduate students are O.M. Burda, R.P. Izhevskyi, B.O. Voytsekhovskyi, I.O. Konovalova, Y.A. Levytska, D.S. Yatskevych.

The Department has prepared textbooks: “Criminology” (2003, 2009, 2014), “Criminal Executive Law of Ukraine” (2001, 2005, 2011, 2015, 2019), “Legal Statistics” (2004, 2009, 2014, 2015), “Corruption Prevention” (2019) and training manuals “Statistic accounting and Reporting in Law-Enforcement Agencies of Ukraine” (2002), “Crime Prevention (Theory and Practice)” (2007, 2011), “Exemption from Sentence” (2012), “Peculiarities of Subdivision Activity of Penitentiary System” (2012), “Organizational and Legal Principles of the Activity of the State Prison Service of Ukraine in Penal Institutions” (2012), “Primary Accounting Documents” (2012), “Victimology” (2017), “Legal Basis of Preventing and Combating Corruption” (2018).

Today, the scientific research of the department members is carried out within the framework of the targeted and comprehensive program “Theoretical and applied problems of crime prevention and reformation of the State Prison Service of Ukraine” (2016-2020, №0111u000958).

The Department provides teaching of the following subjects:

  • “Criminology”
  • “Legal basis of corruption prevention”
  • “Penitentiary Law”
  • “Legal basis of corruption prevention”
  • “Legal principles of activity of probation authorities in Ukraine”
  • “Crime prevention”

Selective subjects –

         The first (Bachelor) level degree:

  • “Corruption prevention”
  • “The activity of probation authorities”
  • “Criminal Executive Law”
  • The second (Master) level degree:
  • “Victimology”
  • “Protection of Prisoner’s and Detainee’s rights”
  • “Anti-corruption compliance”
  • “Anti-corruption expert examination of legal acts and draft acts”
  • “Domestic violence prevention”
  • “Transnational organized crime prevention”
  • “Financial control over the activities of persons authorized to implement public administration”

The second (Master) level degree of the educational program “Legal Anti-corruption Management” is formed with following disciplines of special professional training:

  • “Corruption prevention in the public sphere”
  • “Corruption prevention in the private sphere (Anti-corruption compliance)”
  • “Programming and planning of measures to prevent corruption”
  • “International Standards of Combating Transnational Corruption”
  • “Anti-corruption monitoring: legal framework, organization and effectiveness evaluation”

This educational program gives students an opportunity to gain knowledge in the sphere of anti-corruption activity and, as a consequence, to provide consulting services in the field of anti-corruption activity, the ability to make an effective legal position in protecting the interests of legal entities and individuals on anti-corruption issues, to develop corruption programs for enterprises, institutions and organizations, to provide advice on electronic declaring, to conduct anti-corruption expert examination of legal acts, to identify, resolve and prevent conflicts of the interests, to identify and eliminate corruption risks for business reputation etc.

The acquired knowledge can be used in such professional activities as:

  • lawyers and managers of national and international business corporations;
  • lawyers of bank and financial institutions;
  • lawyers of state and municipal institutions;
  • lawyers of legal consulting companies;
  • legal advisers at the protection of legal entity and individuals in courts on corruption issues;
  • lawyers of audit firms (companies);
  • authorized subdivisions of enterprises, institutions, organizations of public and private sphere;
  • lawyers of specialized anti-corruption agencies;
  • lawyers of international organizations and institutions of corruption prevention;
  • public activists and journalists during the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives.

The profile of the educational program “Legal Anti-corruption Management” provides an opportunity to obtain a relevant specialization at the Criminal Investigation Institute and induces students to work on their own.

The Department contacts:

The name of the Department:

The Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University


ZIP code:



Kharkiv, Ukraine


Pushkinska str., 77

(auditorium 89 – settled at the «A» building, second floor)

Telephone number

8(057) 704-92-62




Contact persons:

Yulia Boyko – senior laboratory assistant

Ksenia Ostapko – senior laboratory assistant