The Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law

The Department of Criminology and Correction Labour Law (since 2000 – the Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law) was established in 1966.

There are 2 Doctors of Legal Sciences, Professors V.V. Holina, A.Н. Stepaniuk;12 Candidates of Legal Sciences, associate professors M.Y. Valuiska, B.M. Holovlkin, O.V. Lysodied, S.Y. Lukashevych, V.P. Obolentsev, L.P.Onika, V.V. Pyvovarov, M. V. Romanov, I.O. Khrystych, M.P. Chernenok: O.Y.Shostko, O.Y. Yurchenko; 4 Candidates of Legal Sciences, lecturers M.H. Kolodiazhnyi, A.S. Lukash, O.V. Tkachova, I.S. Yakovets; post-graduate students K.A. Avtukhov, K.O. Poltava, N.B. Smetanina, O.V. Tavolzhanskyi. The laboratory manager is Y.H. Boiko, the laboratory assistant is   I.V. Karasiuk.

Since 1996 the Department has been headed by Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Ukrainian Academy of Legal Sciences, Honoured Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine V.V. Holina.

The following academic subjects are taught at the Department: Criminology, Criminal Procedural Law, Legal Statistics, Prevention of Crimes, Prevention of Crime in Places of Confinement, Peculiarities in Activity of Some Subdivisions in Penitentiary Establishments, Practice in Criminal Executive Law.

 Contacts:  tel. +38 057 704 92 62