The Department of Land and Agricultural Law

The Department of Land and Agricultural Law as a separate unit was established in 1979.

There are 18 lecturers: 2 Professors, Doctors of Legal Sciences – A.M.Stativka, O.O.Pohribnyi; Professor, Candidate of Legal Sciences – V.P.Zhushman; Assosiate Professor, Doctor of Legal Sciences – V.Yu.Urkevych; 7 Associate Professors, Candidates of Legal Sciences – V.M.Korniienko, O.P.Radchuk, N.V.Pohoretska, Ye.M.Bilousov, O.M.Tuieva, I.A.Shumilo, T.V.Kurman; 6 assistants, Candidates of Legal Sciences – I.M.Zhukov, V.Yu.Polatai, H.S.Korniienko, V.P.Stanislavskii, Ya.O.Samsonova, Zh.V.Chevychalova; assistant – V.V.Panchenko. The laboratory manager  – O.O.Braslavets, laboratory assistant – O.M.Savelieva.

Since 1995 the department has been headed by Professor V.P. Zhushman.

The following subjects are taught at the department: Agrarian Law, International Private Law.

Contacts:  tel. +38 057 704-92-41,

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