The Department of State Construction

The Department of State Construction was established in 1992.

The education is provided by 24 lectures: among them 2 Professors, Doctors of Legal Sciences – S.G. Seregina, P.M. Lubchenko; 12 Associate Professors, Candidates of Legal Sciences – I.I. Bodrova, K.E. Soljannik, V.O. Velichko, T.V. Steshenko, O.Yu. Lialiuk, S.V. Boldirev, K.O. Zakomorna, O.A. Goncharenko, O.V. Novikov, A.A. Hrynchak, V.E. Sheveryeva, M.O. Petryshyna, N.S. Pogrebniak; Assistant Professor – L.V.Chelombitko; 3 assistants, Candidates of Legal Sciences – A.A. Frolov, S.V. Fomina, O.S. Shutova; 5 assistants –  A.V. Karlovich, I.I. Omelko, A.S. Chyrkin, A.O. Murtishcheva, A.O. Novak and post-graduate students – T.A. Felonyuk, M.O. Luchko, A.V. Maryniv. The department laboratory manager – O.O. Sidorenko, laboratory assistant – M.G. Kovalenko.

Since 2004 the department has been headed by Professor, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Corresponding member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, S.G. Seregina.

The Department provides teaching of following subjects: State Construction and Local Self-government in Ukraine, Municipal Law, State (constitutional) law of foreign countries, Legal and designing technique and state registration of normative legal acts, Organization of Local Self-government; selective subjects: The right to vote and the electoral process in Ukraine, Parliamentary Law; Certification program «Lawyer in local government».

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