The Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Activities

The Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Activity was created in accordance with the order of the rector of the university № 230-k of August 28, 2012 by reorganizing the administrative law department.

The department is headed by Doctor of Law, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Vasily Yakovlevich Nastyuk.

There are 14 teachers at the department, among them: 3 professors, doctors of legal sciences – V.Ya. Nastyuk, R.V. Shapoval, L.P. Kovalenko, 1 associate professor, doctor of legal sciences – O.M. Shevchuk; 5 docents, candidates of legal sciences – V.V. Bogutsky, I.M. Kompaniets, V.V. Martynovsky, Yu.V. Meh, K.V. Solntseva; 5 assistants, candidates of legal sciences – L.V. Brintseva, O.В. Parovyshnik, A.E. Pletnev, V. I. Benedik, I.V. Kostenko; 1 post-graduate student – V.V. Povydysh; Head the laboratory – I.O. Shevchenko, laboratory assistant – A.A. Shevchenko.

The Department carries out the teaching of academic disciplines “Administrative Law”, “Military Administration”, “Responsibility for Corruption Offenses”, as well as special courses – “Fundamentals of Management in the Internal Affairs”, “Information Law”, “Administrative Law of the EU”, “Theory of Public Administration”, “Customs Law”, “International Customs Law”, “Administrative Proceedings”, “Migration Law”, “Medical Law”, “Control and Supervision Procedures”, “Prevention of Corruption in the Public Sphere”, etc.

Contacts of the department:

Kharkov, st. Dinamovskaya, 4, room. 906, tel. (057) 704-90-80 (head of the department),

Kharkov, st. Dinamovskaya, 4, room. 907, tel. (057) 704-90-81 (department) e-mail:

Head of the laboratory – Irina Oleksandrivna Shevchenko, laboratory assistant – Alena Andriivna Shevchenko.