The Department of Administrative Law

The Department of Administrative Law was established as an autonomous unit in 1979.

The staff of the Department consists of 25 lecturers. Among them there are 6 Professors, Doctors of Legal Sciences: Bitiak Y.P., Garashchuk V.M., Matiukhina N.P., Nastiuk V.Y., Frolova O.G.; 9 Associate Professors, Candidates of Legal Sciences- Boiko I.B., Zima O.T., Zui V.V., Kovalenko L.P., Kompaniets D.V., Luchenko D.V., Pisarenko N.B., Cherviakova O.B., Shulga M.G.; 5 lecturers, Candidates of Legal Sciences- Ignatchenko I.G., Krestianinov O.O., Martinovski V.V., Soloviova O.M., Semina V.A.; 5 lecturers- Davidova O.V., Laikova M.S., Marchenko O.O., Mekh Y.V., Riabchenko Y.S..

Since 1990 to 2015 the Department is headed by Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences Bitiak Y.P. Since 2015 professor Garashchuk V.M. is the head of the department.

The following subjects are taught at the Department: Administrative Law, special courses in Customs Law, Principles of Administration in the Ministry of the Interior and Trial of Administrative Cases.

The laboratory manager is Toporkova N.P.,  laboratory assistant is Yefimova O.Y.

 Contacts:  tel. + 38 057 704-92-92