Aesthetic education

In Yaroslav the Wise National Law University significant cultural and educational work is conducted.

In 2004, at the Palace of students the professional drama studio was set up with diverse genres. It consists of 21 creative teams, including folk male choir, brass orchestra, violin ensemble, female choir, female vocal ensemble, ensemble of ball dance, theater and contemporary dance, guitar ensemble, theatre of Ukrainian songs and others. High level of concerts at University events should be noted: the celebration of the Day of the University (traditionally the best creative achievements of our artists are demonstrated at these holidays); Victory Day celebration (almost every holiday is accompanied by a special theatrical thematic performance); concert programs to professional holidays – the Day of lawyer, the prosecutors’ Day, the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Militia Day, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, the Day of Security Service of Ukraine, the International Women’s Day and others.

Around 1,500 students of the University are involved in the creative teams. This enables them to increase cultural, aesthetic and personal level, to organize their leisure time. At the beginning of each school year, creative teams are getting bigger due to new talented first-year students.

Eight years of successful activity of University Students’ Palace demonstrated the efficiency and necessity of such a cultural institution, not only to the University, but also to the city and the country as a whole. This is exactly the case when both form and content of the Palace of students coincided at the highest level. Today, nobody has any doubt that it is indeed the best student Palace of Ukraine, as evidenced by the high level of artistic and creative activities on the whole, and the level of each creative team and individual artist, as well as professionalism of the staff.

The proof of high proficiency of the creative teams and individual performers is the fact that the title «People’s Artist of Ukraine» was given to T. Slyusarenko, Y. Melihova, O. Gizimchuk (trio «Kupava»), honorary title «Honored Artist of Ukraine» – to solo vocalists S. Sydorova, A.Korolyuk, and the chief conductor of the brass band V. Skrypchuk.

 In 2008 The University TV centre was set up having no analogues in any Ukrainian university. Its main task is to organize the work the students’ own television. Future lawyers are actively involved in the creation of television programs and are given a unique opportunity to acquire television professions. Creative achievements of the broadcaster students are regularly transmitted on the local network. Therefore, they already have their own audience and popularity.

It must be emphasized that the favorable conditions for teaching and research activities, excellent material and technical base of the National University provide an opportunity to be a leader in higher legal education in Ukraine based on all indicators. Therefore, we must continue to hold a leading position in the field of education and science in order to bear the name of Yaroslav the Wise with dignity.

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