Scientific Library

Nadiya Pasmor
Head of the Library

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Scientific Library – is a scientific-educational, informational, cultural and basic unit of the university.

There are 45 specialists with higher education working in the library.

Over the years, the Library was directed by such managers as: O.M. Okhtyrska (1943-1944), M.P Kurylenko (1945-1954), I.P Shejko (1954-1957), V.V. Grechko (1957) V.K Pedko (1957-1964), V.M. Rudenko (1964-1966), K.F Stolyarov (1966-1974), D.O. Samoilenko (1975-1988). Since 1988 the library is headed by N. P Pasmor, Ph.D (candidate of the education science).

Nowadays the primary mission for the staff is the optimal combination of traditional library functions and new technologies of informational support of the educational and scientific needs in the university.

The library serves 15,760 readers, including 13,785 students, 1800 researchers and teachers.

Priorities of the library belongs to the high-quality formation of its stock and the use of modern storage methods to save it. Universal book fund was and still is the main source of information, has more than 1 million 437.6 thousand editions of law and related subjects that are taught in high school.

Not long ago the fund of textbooks was almost entirely renovated, the completing of scientific monographs by University editors was also established. The book exchange with libraries of ukrainian leading universities, that is consists of scientific and educational specialized publications is expanding.

The Library structure is developing, there are 8 departments: the complecting and the scientific processing of literature department, the scientific and bibliographic department, the deposit funds department, the department of rare books and dissertations, the reader services department, the department of information technology and computer software. The Library has an innovative project which is the creation of scientometric analysis of the structure of the department of information technology and computer software. This project helps to do the analytical work on publication activity of university scientists.

All University academic buildings have modern reading rooms, computerized reading space. Every day students and scientists are turning to the audience of periodicals and foreign literature department. More than 40 thousands books in English, German and French are widely used for research in comparative law, legislation of the European Union, International Litigation and so on. Most of these publications came to the Library of the University within the framework of European projects and programs.

The University is proud of its fund of scarce and rarity books, which were published in the late XVII – early XX century. Nowadays the systematic collection of rare books and manuscripts of historical and legal issues is located in a modern building. The fund has more than 43 thousands editions, including: more than 26 thousands books in Ukrainian and Russian, almost 2 thousands editions are rare publications in foreign languages, 201 names of rare magazines and newspapers, 1,730 dissertation, defended by the scientists of the University, more than 20 thousands abstracts of dissertations from different areas of law.

Automated University library complex built on IRBIS Library Automation System, has become a powerful information library portal, qualitative site of the access to electronic directories and card-files, databases of full-text books and monographs, banks of jurisprudence, scientific works. The complex provides users the necessary specialized information.

The automated ordering of books through electronic catalog is introduced remotely.

The electronic library is formed as a part of an innovative virtual information environment of the University. The library participates in the national project named “The book monuments of Ukraine”, it is also takes part in regional corporate projects as: “Electronic Catalogue of periodicals, received by leading libraries of Kharkiv”, “Librarianship. Library. Bibliography: the new revenues Catalogue of leading Kharkiv libraries”, “Social media: Catalogue of revenues to the Kharkiv Libraries”, “Metabibliography of Kharkiv”, also in national project «ELibUkr – Electronic Library of Ukraine: establishing Knowledge Centers in the universities of  Ukraine.”

Scientific Library – is a member of the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) and International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT).

University electronic archive-repository of National Law University Yaroslav the Wise – eNULAUIR contains over 9000 electronic documents, has its own International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2311-9012, is a full electronic edition (resource that is constantly updated), where you can publish research results.

There are own and purchased electronic resources located  on the library site: “Standardized electronic educational-methodical complex”, the catalog “Funds of Scientific Library of  National Law University Yaroslav the Wise. Periodicals (1812-2014) “, the Information “eLEGALIUM – a collection of rare books of law”, “Professional legal system “MEGA-NAU”, “legal journals, database” “.